Special Moments Painting Book


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48 page, full color book includes line drawings, color photos and detailed instructions for over 20 pieces in 8 beautiful projects!

This book was designed to help celebrate those eventful times we share with friends and family such as weddings, birthdays, babies, Mom, Dad, and more. These designs can easily be personalized to show how much you care. And these will be the gifts most cherished by your loved ones!

As a bonus, I have included co-ordinating pieces that can also be used as a "special moments" favors or Christmas ornaments. I have packed the book with tips to help make painting easier, online videos to showing techniques and interesting trivia. I hope you will enjoy painting and sharing these designs as much as I did!

Extended Information

Loew Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Brushes
03-7000-0, -4, -6 #0, #4, #6 Round (Series 7000)
03-7600-1 1” Oval Wash
   (Series 7600)
03-JS-1 #1 Jackie Shaw Mid Liner
   (Series JS)
03-7550-1 1” Wash (Series 7550)
03-7350-1, -2 #1, #2 Liner
   (Series 7350)
03-7400-1/8, -1/4, -3/8, -1/2
   1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” Angle
   (Series 7400)
03-7850-1/4 1/4” Deerfoot
   (Series 7850)
03-7330-10 #10 Curved Flat
   (Series 7330)
03-7050-18/0 #18/0 Script
   (Series 7050)
03-7300-2, -4, -8 #2, #4, #8 Shader
   (Series 7300)
03-7450-4, -8 #4, #8 Chisel
   (Series 7450)
03-7500-4, -8 #4, #8 Filbert
   (Series 7500)
03-2014-6 #6 Scumbler
   (Series 2014)
03-7040-8 #8 Round Stroke
   (Series 7040)
03-13051 Berry Makers: Set of 4
   (Series 515)

DecoArt Americana Acrylics
13-DA160 Antique Maroon
13-DA156 Antique Rose
13-DA209 Arbor Green
13-DA180 Asphaltum
13-DA031 Baby Pink
13-DA255 Bahama Blue
13-DA257 Bleached Sand
13-DA193 Blue Chiffon
13-DA178 Blue Mist
13-DA110 Blush Flesh
13-DA029 Boysenberry Pink
13-DA064 Burnt Umber
13-DA03 Buttermilk
13-DA191 Camel
13-DA091 Cashmere Beige
13-DA208 Celery Green
13-DA259 Cocoa
13-DA081 Colonial Green
13-DA240 Cool White
13-DA044 Desert Turquoise
13-DA242 Fawn
13-DA230 Festive Green
13-DA078 Flesh Tone
13-DA184 French Vanilla
13-DA218 Gingerbread
13-DA024 Hi-Lite Flesh
13-DA067 Lamp Black
13-DA106 Light Avocado
13-DA164 Light Buttermilk
13-DA114 Light Cinnamon
13-DA241 Light Mocha
13-DA032 Lilac
13-DA206 Limeade
13-DA174 Milk Chocolate
13-DA045 Mint Julep Green
13-DA07 Moon Yellow
13-DA154 Pansy Lavender
13-DA192 Pink Chiffon
13-DA175 Plum
13-DA272 Purple Cow
13-DA028 Raspberry
13-DA061 Sable Brown
13-DA297 Sea Glass
13-DA137 Shading Flesh
13-DA155 Soft Black
13-DA207 Soft Sage
13-DA109 Taupe
13-DA107 Teal Green
13-DA059 Toffee
13-DA239 Warm White
13-DA296 Wasabi Green
13-DA038 Willaimsburg Blue
13-DA190 Winter Blue
13-DAT50 Traditions True Gold

DecoArt Mediums
13-07930 Multi Purpose Sealer
13-41370 Matte Sealer/Finish Spray
13-05613 Wood Filler
13-41530 Crystal Glamour Dust
13-01120 Star Lite Topcoat
13-40830 Weathered Wood
Miscellaneous Supplies
Assorted Decorative Glass Beads
Assorted Flowers
Decorative Ribbon and/or Cording
White Ruffled Lace

Basic Supplies
16-18338 Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
16-93616 Artists Tape for Curves
18-30181 Black .01 Millenium Pen
29-81316 Brush Bin
29-92022 Windsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer
29-01200 Brush Scrubby Grooming Pad
03-11183 Double Ended Stylus
16-06074 Painters Tape 16-03680?
28-11626 Palette Paper Gray
28-12398 Palette Paper White
29-02921 Sea Wool Sponge
46-88000 Sponge Daubers
16-15578 Super Thick Tacky Glue
28-03838 Tracing Paper
28-80809 Transfer Paper Graphite
28-80915 Transfer Paper White
28-03838 Canary Tracing Paper
29-70383 Water Basin
Paper Towels
Hot Glue & Gun
18-010983 Tender Pink Copic Marker