Red Nebula Galaxy Glitter Acrylic


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SKU: 13-DGG04

Add out-of-this-world sparkle to craft and home decor projects with this highly-concentrated, premium glitter acrylic that creates a brilliant shimmering finish.Water-based.  2 oz. bottle.

For solid coverage, apply Galaxy Glitter with a fan brush. Allow to dry and apply a second coat.

For fine details or line-work use a liner brush to apply Galaxy Glitters.

Galaxy Glitters are intermixable. Create soft, glittery pastel colors by mixing the color of your choice with Clear Ice Comet. Start with a ratio of 4 parts Clear Ice Comet and 1 part of the color of your choice. Customize to your desired finish.

Blending to create an ombre effect is easy with Galaxy Glitters. On a paper plate, place the two colors you’d like to blend. Mix a portion of each of the two colors in the middle of your plate. Start by applying one color to your surface, then blend in the mixed color on your surface, and finish with the final color. Visually splitting your surface into thirds will help achieve this ombre effect.

When working with glitter paint of any kind, it’s a good idea to keep separate brushes and water basins. This will prevent glitter particles from transferring to your other paints or paint brushes.

Apply Clear Ice Comet over the top of any other Galaxy Glitter color to soften the overall appearance and color.

Apply Silver Moon over the top of any other Galaxy Glitter color to add a silvery sparkle.

Do not use on washable fabrics.