Painting Cup

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$ 0.99 
SKU: 29-00016

Royal and Langnickel Plastic Painting Cup is a shallow dish shaped container that is so versatile for many kinds of makeup uses, and works easily to contain all kinds of wet or dry makeup mediums.  No serious makeup artist should be without some of these handy small cups because they are great to use for custom mixing and blending of makeup products, as well as keeping products separate and sanitary.  They are so inexpensive you can keep a stack of them handy for use, and with their low profile they are easy to stow away and travel with.  They are ideal to use as a brush cleaning dish too!

These painting cups are made of sturdy hard plastic resin that is easy to clean up and re-use over and over again, but only if the medium used in the cup does not create a permanent residue in it.  Multiple cups will stack neatly inside each other for convenient storage and transport, and will easily fit into just about any makeup kit, set bag, or tote.  They are the ideal choice to use for decanting products out of original containers for more ease of use, such as adhesives, removers, solvents, brush cleaners, and all kinds of dry powder-like materials.  Best of all it will prevent product cross-contamination from original containers.

Cup dimensions: 3 1/2" in diameter and 1 1/8" deep.