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One-Year Subscription to the Pixelated Palette Gift Certificate

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One-Year Subscription to the Pixelated Palette Gift Certificate

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PLEASE READ: Gift Certificate for a 12-month subscription to the Pixelated Palette E-zine. This digital-only e-magazine is online at When you purchase a subscription, your recipient just needs to call 937-652-3338 to activate it and get their username/password combination. The subscription will be valid for 12 months from the time the account is activated. Once a month they'll get an email with previews of each project in the issue that they can click to go to the full magazine. 


This is a new endeavour inspired by a group of decorative artists, fine artists, crafters and mixed media artists who all decided we wanted to band together and put out our own publication. We are all as passionate about our creative pursuits as you are and want to bring you projects, inspiration, ideas, news and more about the decorative arts industry here in the US and worldwide.

The purpose of this online e-zine is to be a super-accessible meeting place for all of us worldwide who love to create and share what we know. We have lots of great artists who are going to teach you so many new techniques you're not going to have time for them all! 

Each month this magazine will feature some of the following step by step projects:

  1. Decorative Painting

  2. Watercolor Painting

  3. Oil Painting

  4. Mixed Media

  5. Acrylic Painting

  6. Colored Pencil

  7. Zentangle

  8. Stencils

  9. Crafts

We'll have Tech Tips from artists like you who want to share their knowledge, Business Tips to help you sell your work, a Glossary for those terms you've always wondered about and so much more! 

On the right side column we'll feature Events all over the place, a Directory of where you can get your supplies and a Directory of Artists so you can see even more great work from our contributors!

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