Mistletoe Magic Book


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48 page, full color book includes line drawings, color photos and detailed instructions for over 18 pieces in 6 beautiful projects

When I design Christmas ornaments, I want them to have a meaning, use new or different techniques, or be movable or interactive.  In other words, I want them to be fun and intriguing!  "Mistletoe Magic" is filled with pages of wonderful designs and themes perfect for gifts or craft shows.   Great tips, tricks and techniques are used to make your painting time easier and quicker!



09-251 Snowflake Border Background Stencil
11-0303 24 Gauge Silver Wire
11-0304 24 Gauge Gold Wire
31-L250 Church Wood Ornament 4”
11-10966 Straight Resin Carrot Nose
11-10969 Curved Resin Carrot Nose
22-WM001 Tophat Timmy 7 x 2-1/4” with Arms
22-WM002 Earmuff Earl #6 x 2-3/4” with Arms
22-WM003 Santa Hat Sammy #6 x 3-3/4” with Arms
22-WM004 Ornament Kit (need 3)
31-29877 Cylinder Ornament 4-1/2”
31-29878 Round Ornament 4”
31-29879 Oval Ornament 4-1/2”
31-L041 Wide Teardrop Wood Ornament 3-1/4 x 5-1/2”
31-L042 Tall Teardrop Wood Ornament 2-3/4 x 6”
31-L043 Double Teardrop Wood Ornament 3 x 6”
31-L251 Cabin Wood Ornament 4”
31-L252 Lighthouse Wood Ornament 4”
31-L253 Snowman Hot Air Balloon #2 piece Wood Kit
31-L254 Santa Hot Air Balloon #2 piece Wood Kit
31-L255 Gingerbread Hot Air Balloon #2 piece Wood Kit
46-20388 Wired Cling Stamp Set
46-CMS059 Floral Tattoo Stamp Set -or-
46-20901 Kaffee Klatsch
46-CMS125 Mixed Media Stamp Set
Decorative cord or ribbon for hanging

DecoArt Americana Acrylics:
13-DA156 Antique Rose
13-DA257 Bleached Sand
13-DA193 Blue Chiffon
13-DA047 Bluegrass Green
13-DA03 Buttermilk
13-DA191 Camel
13-DA240 Cool White
13-DA136 Coral Shell
13-DA128 Deep Burgundy
13-DA166 Deep Midnight Blue
13-DA025 Dusty Rose
13-DA078 Flesh Tone
13-DA111 Grey Sky
13-DA131 Hauser Light Green
13-DA219 Heritage Brick
13-DA163 Honey Brown
13-DA057 Jade Green
13-DA067 Lamp Black
13-DA034 Lavender
13-DA252 Lemonade
13-DA114 Light Cinnamon
13-DA07 Moon Yellow
13-DA154 Pansy Lavender
13-DA167 Payne’s Grey
13-DA293 Persimmon
13-DA113 Plantation Pine
13-DA138 Prussian Blue
13-DA093 Raw Sienna
13-DA061 Sable Brown
13-DA170 Santa Red
13-DA099 Sapphire
13-DA137 Shading Flesh
13-DA068 Slate Grey
13-DA01 Snow (Titanium) White
13-DA155 Soft Black
13-DA306 Soft Heather
13-DA284 Spicy Mustard
13-DA059 Toffee
13-DA239 Warm White
13-DA305 Whispering Turquoise
13-DA040 Williamsburg Blue
13-DA190 Winter Blue

Brushes by Scharff
03-205-2 Theorem Stencil Brush
03-205-2 Theorem Stencil Brush

Brushes by Loew-Cornell
03-2014-4 Scumbler
03-247-1/4” Crescent
03-7000-1 Round
03-7000-2 Round
03-7050-1 Liner
03-7050-18/0 Script Liner
03-7120-1/4” Rake
03-7200-2 Fan
03-7300-2,-4, -6, 12 Flat Shader
03-7350-0 Liner
03-7350-18/0 Script Liner
03-7400-1/8, -1/4, -1/2” Angle
03-7430-2, -6 Flora Round
03-7500-2, -6, -8, -10 Filbert
03-7550-3/4” Wash
03-80989 Fine Line Pen

13-01120 StarLite Varnish
13-03562 Modeling Paste
13-06330 Wood Sealer
13-07930 Multi-Purpose Sealer
13-41270 Americana Gloss Spray Finish
13-41370 Americana Matte Spray Sealer
13-41530 Crystal Glamour Dust
13-DMM14 Liquid Glass
16-00004 Quick Grip Adhesive
29-71070 QuikWood

Painting Tools and Basic Supplies:
03-11183 Double-Ended Stylus
03-13051 Berry Makers: Set of #4
03-13281 Palette Knife
13-05030 DecoMagic Brush Clener 16-00004 Quick Grip Adhesive
18-57305 Mono Zero Eraser
18-91473 Mechanical White Chalk Pencil
28-00741 White Chaco Paper
28-03838 Canary Tracing Paper
28-12398 Palette Paper
28-80809 Graphite Transfer Paper
28-80915 White Transfer Paper
29-10611 Sanding Pad
29-00612 Super Film Sanding Paper
29-01200 Brush Scrubber
29-05468 Mijello Water Bucket
29-32227 Specialty Sponge Set of #2
29-60017 Brush Cleaning Tank
29-81316 Brush Bin
46-00643 Precision File Kit Expired Plastic Credit or Gift Card