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Fall-O-Ween 3 PREORDER

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Fall-O-Ween 3 PREORDER

$ 11.00 $ 14.95

Fall-O-Ween 3 Book PREORDER

"Fall is my favorite time of year and designing fall projects come quite easily! From scarecrows and pumpkins to witches and black cats, the ideas seem never ending! Watching the designs evolve from paper to finished projects from this book was a mesmerizing journey! I hope to share my excitement for the wonders of Fall through these fun pages!"-Chris Haughey


31-L582 Gothic Frame Set (https://www.cdwood.com/products/gothic-frame-set?variant=4485202739223)

31-L468 Tall Pumpkin Plaque (https://www.cdwood.com/products/tall-pumpkin-plaque?variant=50630167699)

31-L308 Round Point Dome Plaque (https://www.cdwood.com/products/deck-the-halls-chalkboard-plaque?variant=5152821633)

31-L446 Arrow Sign (https://www.cdwood.com/products/14-1-2-arrow-sign?variant=26129021831)

31-L305 Rounded Arch Plaque (https://www.cdwood.com/products/white-christmas-chalkboard-plaque?variant=5152786625)

31-L280 Bracket Plaque (https://www.cdwood.com/products/12-in-bracket-plaque?variant=1170293645)

31-L583 Mid Tombstone Plaque (https://www.cdwood.com/products/mid-tombstone-plaque?variant=4484793565207)

31-L584 Small Gas Pump Sign (https://www.cdwood.com/products/small-gas-pump-sign?variant=4484851204119)


**All orders placed during the PREORDER will begin to ship March 9th**

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