Decoart Acrylic Paint Pouring Pack


$ 11.99 $ 14.98
SKU: 13-11663

Contains 8oz. each of Pouring Medium and Pouring Topcoat. 

Create a smooth, high-end finish with this pouring topcoat. Dries to a lacquer-like, high-gloss finish. Ideal for canvases, wood panels, or other flat art surfaces.This one-step formula eliminates the need to mix harsh chemicals and flows into a self-leveling, crystal clear coat that will not yellow, leaving your artwork with its original vibrance. Water-based. The pouring medium is a fluid additive specially formulated to enable paint to flow easily across a surface. It thins the paint to the ideal consistency for pouring, without sacrificing adhesive properties. Its flexible film will not crack or craze.