Christmas Blizzard Buddies Pattern by Chris Haughey

Chris Haughey Designs

$ 7.50 
SKU: 04-PA1719

The Christmas Blizzard Buddies Pattern comes with with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

All Supplies available at Cupboard Distributing

Stamps are discontinued, but full color photos are provided in pattern.



31-L237 Mini Bracket Ornament 4 1/2" 

09-09433 Halftone Dot Stencil or any polka dot stencil

46-20118 Build a Snowman Cling Stamp Set

46-22209 International Snow Cling Stamp

46-22209 International Snow Cling Stamp

46-18689 Acrylic Stamp Handle

11-72723 Sapphire Blue Aluminum Wire

DecoArt Americana Acrylics:

13-DA01 Snow White

13-DA167 Payne's Grey

DecoArt Fluid Media Acrylics:

13-DMFA16 Burnt Umber

13-DMFA04 Cadmium Red Hue

13-DMFA10 Cobalt Teal Hue

13-DMFA09 Cobalt Turquoise Hue

13-DMFA14 Green Gold

13-DMFA34 Quniacridone Violet

13-DMFA24 Phthalo Green-Blue

13-DMFA25 Phthalo Green-Yellow

13-DMFA21 Pyrrole Orange

13-DMFA07 Sap Green

13-DMFA39 Titanium White

Sure Touch Brushes by Jo Sonja:

03-1345-1/4, -1/2 Angle

03-1352-4 Round

03-1365-5/0 Script Liner

03-1385-10 Filbert


13-41370 Matte Spray Sealer/Finisher

13-07960 Multi-Purpose Sealer

13-DMM21 Modeling Paste

13-41530 Crystal Glamour Dust

13-01120 StarLite Varnish


03-11183 Double Ended Stylus

03-205-5 Stencil Brush

16-03680 Painter's Tape

18-57305 Mono Zero Eraser

28-03838 Canary Tracing Paper

28-80809 Graphite Transfer Paper

29-13281 Palette Knife

29-32227 Specialty Sponge Set of 2

46-04784 Splatter Brush

**Note: Because the design is created suing stamps, there is no line drawing.**