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Travel Teach Dates 2016

I love to travel teach, why not check out my portfolio and see if there are any projects you'd like to learn with your group? Or, if you would like something customized, I'm always happy to create a unique project for you.

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About Chris Haughey

pron: ('Hoy) rhymes with Joy, Boy, Soy and A'Hoy!

Like many of you, painting is as important to me as fresh air and sunshine. I have always been creative and "busy". As a child, I idolized my talented older sister. I watched in wonder as she painted beautiful oil paintings before she was 15! My goal was to learn to paint just like her. Even after she passed away in her teens, her love for art continued on in my eyes and inspired me to pursue painting. I attended Ohio University and majored in Fine Art (oil painting). After college, I sold paintings in furniture stores and restaurants.

My oil painting career tapered off when I was expecting my first baby. The smell of turpentine (before odorless!) was worse than any morning sickness. After my second child, I turned to acrylics. I had no idea how to use them or any of the products, so I used the old trial-and-error tactic with pretty good success. At the time I worked at our local hospital and proudly took some of my painted pieces to work. Suddenly I found I had lots of custom orders! After putting the kids to bed, I brought out my brushes and painted.

In 1986 a family accident spurred on the next phase of my career. Dealing with all the hospitals and such rendered me temporarily unable to work... What a huge change of lifestyle! I took a leave of absence from the hospital to take care of everything and still painted, mainly as stress relief.

To help out with some of the bills, we started up Cupboard Distributing, a wood product and art supply business, based on my love of painting and my husband's business expertise. And what a journey it has been! I would have never dreamed of the people we have met and the places we have gone. One of my favorite things is meeting and talking with our wonderful customers and fellow artists. I am always delighted and honored that my designs are appreciated and enjoyed. How exciting that we can all share the bond of painting and creating.

The future: So many opportunities are ahead! I will continue to bring fresh new ideas, product, surfaces and techniques. With art, there are no boundaries. We look forward to more classes, patterns, conventions, and seminars together. We should consider ourselves lucky to share this love of painting. It offers therapy, economical gifts in tough times, and best of all, with every stroke, we leave our mark for the future. We all know how much love and meaning goes into each project and there's nothing quite so special as artwork you've created yourself.

Travel Teaching Information

***Chris is completely booked for 2016 and is now taking seminar bookings in 2017 and 2018.***

Chris teaches in classrooms worldwide and includes lots of great time-saving tips and techniques. Your class will benefit from personalized instruction with lots of detailed how-to's and personal attention. To book Chris for your event, please download and fill out the form below and email it to or fax to (937) 652-3898.

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