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A Pair of Hares Pattern

Sharon Cook

A Pair of Hares Pattern

$ 8.00

Pattern Packet by Sharon Cook includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions.
All parts sold separately.

Extended Information

Palette by DecoArt:
Americana Acrylics
DA013 Pumpkin
DA034 Lavender
DA053 Mistletoe
DA114 Light Cinnamon
DA195 Bittersweet Chocolate
DA201 Primary Yellow
DA211 Wisteria
DA239 Warm White
DA241 Light Mocha
DA252 Lemonade
DA259 Cocoa
DA266 Orange Twist
DA267 Poodleskirt Pink
DA268 Turquoise Blue
DA272 Purple Cow
DA274 Carousel Pink
DA300 Dragon Fruit
DA305 Whispering Turquoise
DA309 Banana Cream
DA312 Irish Moss
Glamour Dust
DGD04 Tiger Orange
DGD05 Limelight
DGD09 Ice Crystal
DAD10 Celebration Pink
DS18 Faux Glazing Medium
DS21 DuraClear Satin
DS17 Multi-Purpose Sealer
Exacto knife or razor
Colored aluminum wire, 20” of orange and green
Ribbon of your choice
Grey and white transfer paper
Fine grit sandpaper or disk
Creative Paper Clay
Brushes by Loew-Cornell:
La Corneille Round Stroke, Size 6 (Series 7040)
La Corneille Jackie Shaw Liner, Size 10/0 (Series JSC)
La Corneille Glaze/Wash, Size 1/2” (Series 7550)
La Corneille Angular Shaders, Size 1/2”, 3/4” (Series 7400)
Fabric scrubber (tapered round) Sizes 8, 14 (Series

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