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Patricia Jarrett E-Patterns

Art has long been my passion and I consider myself so lucky to have been introduced to decorative painting. I had my first painting class back in 1985 in Kemmerer, Wyoming and knew that this new and popular craft was going to be a lifelong focus. After moving to Maine I had a full-time job and painted at night and on the weekends and sold my goodies at year-round craft shows. I also wholesaled to a couple of shops on Cape Cod. I moved to Cape Cod 10 years and painted a bit there and eventually moved to Virginia and started to really pursue my craft opening virtual stores on Facebook and Etsy and selling in Minnesota and locally at an art gallery. Recently I have expanded to designing patterns which has been so much fun for me and the ideas keep popping out of my head (all saying “paint me next”). No matter where we move to next, I know the painting will travel well and I will keep on painting!