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Mila Marchetti E-Patterns

Mila lives in Tuscany, Italy with her lovely, furry friends and her husband who have always been supportive and encouraged along the way.

She has been painting with acrylics for many years and has been a member of Society Decorative Painters since 2007.

Since 2005 she works on the staff like artist, technical advisor and editor advisor at the italian decorative painting magazine " AdD - Arte del Decorare". She has also published fourth own projects on "The Decorative Painter" magazine and collaborate with "PaintingEzine" on-line magazine. Mila has taught Decorative Painting at italian Conventions from 2006 to present.

You can find Mila’s whimsical and soft e-pattern projects at her website , at “Painters Paradise”, “The Decorative Painting Store”, and at "Cupboard Distributing.