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I Love Ornaments 5

Chris Haughey

I Love Ornaments 5

$ 11.00 $ 14.95

I Love Ornaments 5

"Thank you for joining me as I unveil the fifth edition of I Love Ornaments.
I think this book is my “newest” favorite. I tried to incorporate a wide
variety of themes, develop unique color stories and introduce
you to some new tricks that will add special awesomeness!
(Oh, and lots and lots of glitter too!)" -Chris Haughey

Surfaces used in this book:

31-L413 Woodland Star Ornament   https://www.cdwood.com/products/woodland-star-ornament?variant=14827465095

31-L303 Rounded Arch Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/white-christmas-chalkboard-ornament?variant=5152565633

31-L408 Mushroom Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/no-place-like-gnome-for-the-holidays-ornament?variant=34974482567

31-L601 Arrow Sign https://www.cdwood.com/products/arrow-sign-ornament?variant=12435155058711

31-L598 Circle Center Signboard Ornament  https://www.cdwood.com/products/circle-center-signboard-ornament?variant=12435276922903

31-L599 Round Pallet Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/round-pallet-ornament?variant=12435324076055

31-L600 Oval Square Ornament  https://www.cdwood.com/products/oval-square-ornament?variant=12435336429591

31-L602 Mug Ornament  https://www.cdwood.com/products/mug-ornament?variant=12435365494807


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