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Carolyn Roach E-Patterns

I have always loved art, any kind of art. I started drawing as a child, I loved crayons, paint, glue, paper, scissors. Anything would do. I never pursued any classes until after our second child. I had been a hairstylist before that, but my husband and I wanted me to be at home with our children and I found myself wanting to learn to paint.

A friend came over on a sunday afternoon, all the stores used to be closed back then, and taught me the beginning of whimsical eyes and stroke roses, along with lots of dots. I did not know I was supposed to be intimidated by eyes and roses. Faces quickly became an obsession for me, any kind of eyes was fascinating. My desire to learn was overwhelming. My husband took me to a local craft store where I purchased a book by Elaine Thompson, ‘Almost Heaven’ and 2 brushes. I still have the book and I made one of the brushes into a Christmas ornament.

When I was able to go to classes, I could not get enough. I joined the local chapter in my area and am a founding member of it. I owned a little shop in Pasadena, Texas for a short time in the early 80’s but it closed due to the bad economy and my kids came first. Thirty plus years later I am still crazy about paints, books, brushes, crayons, glue, pencils, scissors, paper. Only now my stash has grown so much it takes up an entire room. Always remember to paint happy!

Still slingin’ paint!