Double Trouble


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60 page, full color book by Chris Haughey and Chris Thornton-Deason includes line drawings, color photos and detailed instructions for 8 designs, over 16 individual pieces!


"Halloween designs are so much fun and they seem to roll off my brushes. The stories that run through my mind while painting are quite the adventure! This is the one time of year to let your hair down and just enjoy the whimsy.

So, what could be more trouble than Halloween...well...two Chris’s working together means “Double Trouble”!! I want to thank all the brave souls that have the courage to paint along with us. We hope that you will be delighted with our magic and mystery as we share our festival of fantasy." --Chris Haughey


  • 22-L448 Scarecrow & Jack Set of 2
  • 22-L449 To the Moon Witch Set of 2 
  • 22-L450 RIP Bat Dracula Set of 2
  • 31-L459 Tall Dome Plaque 8-1/2” x 15”
  • 22-L454 Steampunk Chandelier Kit
  • 31-L282 Cart 11" x 14"
  • 22-L456 Witch Parking Toad Kit 
  • 22-L429 Trick or Treat 14” x 11-1/2”- set of 2
  • 22-L455 Midnight Owl Kit