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New Tool Alert...


[caption id="attachment_777" align="alignleft" width="140"]03-11000 Angled Stylus[/caption] I love to find new tools that make my painting life easier.  I am excited to introduce you to the Angled Stylus! Just as the name indicates, the tip is at an angle.  It is ergonomically designed to make holding it comfortable and easy to use.  With the traditional straight stylus, a crooked neck helps when directing the stylus to a perpendicular position to ensure round dots!  With the Angle Stylus, the visibility is awesome, control is perfect, easy on the wrist and neck!  Because you don't have to struggle with keeping it perfectly straight, no oval dots, they will always be round! I consider this a user-friendly tool.  With the comfort it provides, it is easy to control and use.  Best of all, it is only $.95!  Now that is a bang for your buck for sure! I hope you watch this short video that shows the outstanding benefits of the Angled Stylus.  I think this is a tool that everyone needs in their stash.  I am sure it will be your choice when reaching for a stylus.

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  • Lolo on

    Does anybody reemmber the overhyped $200 HDMI cables and how hard marketing was trying to prove that you’d be better off with one of those vs. the two-dollar alternative that performed exactly the same? I believe they’re gone or nobody buys them any more. The same should be the fate of $20 or $30 (so-called) quality tablet styluses. These cheap’ ones work perfectly as good as a $15-dollar stylus we have on our Fire, XOOM and one other generic tablet but not so well on HP’s TouchPad.POSITIVES- Honest pricing. Paying $15-30 for ONE brand name stylus that performs almost exactly the same? Seriously? Convince my why I should.- Light, and that’s a good thing.- Come in bundles. I like getting 5 at a time because I tend to misplace my pens and pencils.- Perform well on a tablet. Excellent for tapping, double-tapping, drawing and dragging things around the screen.- Durable. I had 2 similar 3-packs, probably made in the same factory. Half are gone (lost or stepped on) but the remaining 3 are as good today as they were a few months ago.NEGATIVES only one or maybe half a negative: if your hands are very large they may seem a little too short. My 8 yr. old finds them perfect and I can use them too but they’d be better if they were an at least half an inch longer.I’m trying to think of a reason not to award this product five stars and I can’t think of one because I really love’ it.

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