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To Stamp or not to Stamp...


If you have never tried using stamps with acrylic paint, you are missing a fun technique that adds tons of interest to any project!  I wrote a blog about stamping with paint a while back.  View my older post here >>   Spider Leaf I wanted to share a quickie Halloween project that I painted using the stamping with paint technique.  The spiderweb and spider are always a hit, especially with the kids!  Actually, this project is so simple the kids will be able to create their own masterpieces. [caption id="attachment_739" align="alignleft" width="116"]46_cms198__60659.1405609135.140.140 Mini Halloween Cling Stamp Set[/caption] [caption id="attachment_740" align="alignright" width="117"] Halloween Cutouts Cling Stamp Set[/caption] One of the great things about the Tim Holtz stamp sets is that they contain a variety of stamps.  This means that many masterpieces can be created from just one set!  Another option is to simply change the colors.  Blues, purples, greens, can all result in eerie and captivating backgrounds.  Instead of Lamp Black, I used Payne's Grey for most of the stamping.  This provides a little more color as opposed to a flat black image. The secret to stamping with paint to achieve more detail and depth is a simple addition of floats of color.  Adding a shade or highlight of color will enhance with exceptional results.  Yellow floats will reflect the moon, blue and purple floats will give a cloudy night effect, reds will look creepy!  You can see how simply changing color will make a huge difference! Maple LeafScooter PlateScallop Dome With the many shapes and size surfaces to choose from, the possibilites are endless!  Maple leaves, mini scallop domes, mini scooter plates, ovals, circles, etc...  This technique works perfectly on any surface that can be painted, such as, wood, metal, or paper mache,  ,Make sure to read the details of my prior blog to master this simple technique.  To make it even easier, I have posted a quickie video to watch.  Once you actually see how quickly everything comes together, I know this will be the trigger to give it a try! photo [youtube=]

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  • Chris on

    Thanks for sharing – I think you will love them as much as I do!

  • PatriciaL. Clark on

    Thanks for your tips and tricks about using this sponge and stamps with decorative painting. I posted it to our group page on Facebook. Now I see how I need one of these sponges in my tool box.

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