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Stencil Pillows??...WOW!!

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I love simple changes to home decor that make a big difference.  However, when it comes to painting on fabric, my track record has not been the best.  My first attempt was strokework on a lampshade.  Not sure why, but doing a sample before working on the shade did not cross my mind.  When working on fabric, there are no second chances, hence the terror!  Well, all I can say is the front area that everyone saw wasn't awful, but NOBODY was allowed to look at the backside!

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Earlier this summer I updated my summer deck decor.  I purchased some very inexpensive plain, tan 20" square pillow covers from IKEA for only $4.00 each.   They matched perfectly and looked very nice, conservative, but nice.  My intentions all summer were to paint or stencil something stylish on them.  I love to try all kinds of different techniques, mediums, paints, surfaces, but for some reason, painting on a pillow top brought back all those unsuccessful attempts at fabric painting.  I had a long talk with myself last night and decided that each pillow had two sides (that means if the first try was awful, I would have a second chance at redemption!) and if worse came to worse, they only cost $4.00!  I had seen that the new Chalky Paint works on fabric and did a little checking on the web.  Not only was it used for stenciling on fabric, but entire chairs (fabric and leather) were painted!

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Today was the day to tackle the project.  I gathered up my supplies, Chalky Paint, stencils, stencil brush, ruler, painter's tape, plastic trash bag, water, paper towels and lots of courage.  First, I covered my work space with a clean trash bag and taped it in place.  I know my studio table has remnants of prior projects and wanted to make sure no other product would accidentally end up on my pillow.  I inserted a piece of cardboard inside the pillow slip to keep the paint from soaking through to the other side and also to provide a smooth, sturdy surface to stencil.  I positioned the stencil and measured to make sure it was exactly where I wanted.  Next, I placed painter's tape along any edge to prevent any over-spills from the stencil brush.  My colors are earthy, so I selected Cameo, Rustic and Heritage.  I wanted the words to be most visible, so I stenciled them darkest.  To stencil, load the stencil brush with paint and wipe onto a paper towel to remove any heavy, excess paint.  I used a very light, swirling motion to apply the paint softly onto the top of the fabric.  I didn't want the paint to be solid, so I kept the brushstrokes almost delicate.  A second coat can always be added, but too much paint, especially on fabric, can be a disaster!  I let the brown color, Rustic, also coat the scrolls and designs, but much lighter than the letters.  Next, I loaded my stencil brush with Cameo, which is a deeper rusty red.  I wanted to add a shading to the decorative areas that became lighter towards the top, bottom and edges.  Finally, I stenciled the very tips with Heritage, orange.  Cautiously, I lifted the stencil and ...WOW...I was so proud of the results!  Chalky paint is everything that they say it is and even more!  I can't say enough how wonderful it is.Cafe Paris

[caption id="attachment_697" align="aligncenter" width="480"]finished pillow Finished masterpiece![/caption]



I think what I learned from this whole experience is that the worrying about what could go wrong often robs us of venturing into creating without fear.   I am so excited not only about finally tackeling this project but also the fact that it turned out so well.  Was it worth all the worry and stress?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Would I stencil on fabric again?  ABSOLUTELY!  I am going to stencil more pillows, lampshades and even furniture!

Little touches make a huge difference.  My $4.00 pillows would retail for $25.00, how cool is that!  Plus, they are "designer pillows"  LOL!  My advise is to get brave and try some new adventures.   You never know what glorious results await!!

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  • mary sterling on

    I also have chalk paint from DecoART and now, thanks to your inspiration, I’ll go to IKEA, grab some pillow covers and stencil some to go on my screened in room – I couldn’t find the ones I liked for the new seat cushions and NOW I can have the ones I always wanted! Many thanks! mary sterling

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