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Mixed Media…to be or not to be...

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Mixed media is suddenly becoming the newest fad in painting and crafting.  I will admit that I was not anxious go down that path.  My roots in fine art were urging me to at least test the waters, however, I was determined to stay in my comfort zone of decorative painting.  When I looked at all the choices, all the mediums, all the options, all the inks, stencils, paints, papers, tools...whew...I was OVERWHELMED!

04-PA1415-1Well, I unwillingly “volunteered” to do a mixed media project.  I can still hear myself saying, “Sure, no problem, I can do that!”  Oh boy, was I worried, to say the least.  I had no idea of what I was going to do & no idea of where to start.08-20020-9S

As with anything, after I calmed myself down, and started looking at it a little more rationally, I decided it might not be so bad!  I looked at what I already had in my vast selection of “stuff” and found out that I already had a pretty good supply of “mixed media” on my shelves.  I mustered up courage and tackled a little project.  I decided to use what I had and what I was familiar with.  Well, much to my surprise, I had a blast & the project turned out pretty good.  It was so much fun and took such a short time to accomplish, I almost felt like I cheated!  LOL!!

I decided all that is needed is to place those rules that we have clung to over the years gingerly placed on the back burner, dust off your knowledge of color, layout and design, relax, pick out your favorite colors, select some odds and ends, such as fibers, metal scraps, buttons, ribbons, scraps of paper, play with them until you get an idea.  Watch as old surfaces come to life and evolve into a work of art.


I am totally hooked and love working with mixed media.  When I sit down to do a project, I am never certain of the results.  It is an adventure that will take you happy places you never thought you would go.   The possibilities are endless and the results are rewarding.  The creative doors that will be opened will fill you with wonder.

 04-PA1321-1 I can say with complete confidence that all it takes is a little courage and gusto to create a Mixed Media Masterpiece!  I encourage you to play, to dabble, to get crazy, and most of all to have fun.  It will take you into a wonderful world of art that you never realized existed.  Mixed Media is a painting vacation that is filled with excitement!  Take the plunge, you won’t be sorry!

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  • Susan Mynyk on

    Chris thank you for sharing this inspirational story with me. I struggle with mixed media.

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