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Chalky Paint & Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning always ends up being bigger than expected.  After doing the usual room by room cleaning, the last room on my list was the screened in deck.  This is one of my favorite retreats as it is such a treat after long, cold winters to relax in my comfortable, warm weather room.  This year I drug all the furniture outside, scrubbed down the walls and woodwork.  We have a fireplace and, in spite of the fact that the screens are covered, soot and dirt always manage to settle in every nook & cranny.  Cleaning is not easy, but the results are always rewarding.


This is the before photo.  It has been awhile since I updated my decor, so I purchased a beautiful area rug with all the newest colors, rust, teal, and tans.  


After thorough cleaning, everything looked a little frumpy.  Not to be deterred, I looked thru my stash of new DecoArt Chalky paints.  I found several shades of turquoise, however, nothing quite matched.  No matter, I grabbed a plastic container & started mixing turquoises with a little emerald green to achieve that beautiful teal.  I grabbed my brush and painted a shelf and plant stand.  The color seemed a little bright, but thought with some antiquing it would be perfect.  ,

I absolutely love the chalky paint for these reasons:  #1, no prepping, yep, that's right, just make sure the surface is clean and dry.  #2 the coverage is excellent.  Even though I painted over a dark surface, the chalky paint covered flawlessly.  #3 it dries quickly and evenly.  By the time I cleaned up my brushes, the surfaces were dry!  #4  Great selection of colors.  And even if the color you want isn't available, it is easy to mix to attain custom colors.  #5 the end results are rich and professional.  

So, as I lay in bed, my mind is mulling over my color selection.  


At 4 am, I decided the color was not working & I needed another choice.  I wanted an earthier color with a deeper base.  I grabbed my robe, rummaged thru my chalky paint colors and decided to mix Treasure and Rustic (turquoise and brown).  It was perfect, now I could sleep peacefully!


Today I re-painted with my new mix and couldn't be happier.  My cushions, rug and chairs all co-ordinate beautifully.  The moral to this story is don't stop until pleased with the results.  Because the chalky paints are so "user friendly", repainting is a snap.  I could have lived with the bright color, but would never been happy.



Some of the tips I learned while painting with mixed colors:

#1 Make sure to mix enough paint to cover the surface and maybe add a second coat if needed.  Mixing colors is a great way to customize, however, if the paint runs short, it can be very difficult to re-mix the exact shade.  Just a small variation can show up like a sore thumb.

#2 Use a plastic container with a snap on lid to mix and store the paint.  This will keep the paint fresh and add extra painting time.  The excess paint can be labeled and stored for future touch-ups or additional projects.  Listing which colors were used can also be helpful.

#3 These particular pieces are in a screened in room so I wanted to make sure the finish would be appropriate.  Because they will need to be washed off more than inside furniture, I selected the satin finish.  The finish was a soft sheen that is fresh and clean. 

#4 The chalky paints are perfect for quick and professional updates.  Whether frames, lamps, furniture or knick-knacks, these paints adhere to metal, wood, glass, terra cotta...the list goes on and on.  Just think of the possibilities!  I turned my country decor into a fresh, updated look with a few simple changes.

It all started with a new rug and some inspiration.  Now I can spend my summer relaxing in my fresh, new retreat. Image 



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  • Cathy on

    Looks great, love that little table, I liked the bright turquoise color for the top, brown for the middle post and then would have made the legs the mixture with dry brushing the top color.

  • Sandi Greco on

    and it looks great, Chris!

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