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Kelly Hoernig is a very talented lady with some really great ideas.  What would you think if you could take full blown art classes for only $4.95 each?!!  Kelly has set up the Art Play Date which offers 24 classes taught by 24 talented ladies.  I was honored when Kelly asked me to each one of the classes.  I didn’t even hesitate to say “YES”.

I thought a long time about the class I would teach.  I wanted to offer a class that would not be the traditional painting class.  I wanted to offer a class that focused on layout, design and composition.  I wanted to offer a class that focused on techniques, tips and tricks.   I wanted to offer a class that focuses on color.  I wanted to offer a class that would incorporate using unusual elements.  I wanted to offer a class that would turn out great, even for the novice.  I wanted to offer a class that would entice the creativeness of the inner soul.   Sooo...the class I am teaching will stir up those creative juices.  It incorporates all of the above and finds a use for all those left over pieces, odds and ends, what I call “junk”.  Whether it be metal, plastic, wood, fabric, any kind of scraps.  I will teach you to look beyond the surface to visualize the end result, almost like turning an ugly duckling into a swan.  Everytime I do this technique, I am amazed at the transformation.  I promise this will open many doors into the world of creative adventure. This class is for the daring, those that love to try new and exciting forms of art.  What a great way to use all those bits and pieces in a new and exciting way.  Think about all the different applications this can be used for such as, frames, candle holders, cards, tags, home decor, gifts, the list goes on and on.  This is a sneak peak at a portion of the project.  The surface is a metal plaque that can be used as a photo or note holder.  I love projects that serve a purpose.  This would be a great gift ideas for all genders and ages.  (you can also incorporate sentimental elements to make it even more special!).   [caption id="attachment_554" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Art Play Date class with Chris Haughey Art Play Date class with Chris Haughey[/caption]

Don’t miss out on this amazing artsy adventure.  24 classes taught by 24 talented ladies with 24 different ideas, techniques, tips...all for only $99.00!  Click on the link to sign up:  <a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to visit Kelly Hoernig.</a>

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