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Ringing in the New Year


I usually don't make resolutions because they always get broken or lost in the daily business of life.   One New Year's Eve I decided to join the masses and made several resolutions.  One of them was to start eating better.  Guess what, I woke up on New Year's Day and ate a brownie for breakfast!  The other resolutions did last a little longer, however, when they were broken, I felt guilty and defeated and decided that would be the last of my flimsy attempt to control the year.

Every January first, I like to take time to evaluate the prior year and ponder the year to come.  This year when I reviewed 2013, I felt incredibly blessed with faith, family and friends.  God has graciously given me a creative mind and allowed me to share my designs and do what I love.  

Instead of making resolutions, I challenge you to affirm goals.  Loosing a few pounds, organizing home, working harder, being on time, these are just a few of the most "popular" resolutions.  However, I like to take a more practical and upbeat outlook on the new year.  I like to set goals that uplift my soul and benefit those around.  I decided a long time ago that cluttered closets and extra weight were going to happen no matter what and the extra guilt from failure just added to the defeat.  This year I will strive to think more positive and trust God for peace and guidance.  If achieving this goal is only partial, I will be a better person and much happier!  

The jest of this short blog is to set goals to higher levels, to achieve to better person and let your situation become your opportunity.  The results will be a positively amazing you in 2014!

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