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Why do I need cheesecloth?


What is cheesecloth anyways? It is a loose, woven gauze -like 100% cotton cloth used primarily in cheese making and cooking. Because it is so soft and absorbent, it has many uses outside the kitchen. These are just a few suggestions: 1) Dampen cheesecloth to easily remove dust and lint cleanly. 2) Try using it instead of a sponge to apply color. Because it is so soft, it makes a great tool to apply colors and blend them gently with no scratches. 3) Use a small square instead of a mop brush to soften or blend. Sometimes we need a little more control than a mop will offer. 4) Color washing is quick and easy with cheesecloth. 5) Take a piece of cheesecloth and lay it over the surface. Apply a layer of paint and carefully lift to remove. It will leave a wonderful texture imprint. 6) Another variation would be to paint first, then press the cheesecloth into the paint for texture. I keep finding new ways to use this old product. I am sure you will be able to find even more wonderful ways to re-invent the amazing cheesecloth!

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