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Drybrushing will make you look awesome...and it's easy!


What is drybrushing? It is a technique using a dry brush and loaded with just a little paint. Lightly load brush, remove any excess paint by brushing over a paper towel, then stroke on the surface for a smooth blush of paint that resembles washes or blended effects. Perfect for highlights and shadows! Two of my favorite brushes are the crescent brush andthe scumbler. The crescent brush is flat with an oval or crescent shape tip which provides more precision. It's bristles are a combination bristle and taklon. The taklon is soft which holds and carries paint easily, the bristle is stiffer, allowing the paint to be applied evenly and sparingly. The scumbler brush has round goat hair bristles that dome in the center. The goat hair bristles have spring and strength which is great for dry rubbing in any direction. The dome shape can also be used to create texture such as stippling wet or dry. The brush is durable enough to scrub paint highlights and soft enough to blend or enhance floated strokes without leaving scratches in the paint. With these tools, your ability to create textures, highlights and shadows will be greatly expanded. While many have difficulty with shading and highlighting, these brushes provide another option to creating easy, impressive results. Play, play, play and have fun!

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