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The saga continues...

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All week I have been good and placed priorities first.  I postponed painting porch poles and worked on designs for seminars, magazine articles and classes. Today is Saturday, and finally, after work, I will tackle painting the four porch poles...horray!!  I am excited as I drag the ladder, brushes, cleaning rags, floor cloth, etc... out to the porch.  I pick up the can of paint...oops...need to double check the label to make sure I have the right can (after all, I have a can of primer, a can of green paint for the chairs, a can of metal paint)  As I read the label, High Gloss, Exterior, Oil Base, looks like the right can...but what is this???...BRIGHT RED.  Good Grief!  Will I ever get my poles painted?
OK, so if I can't paint the poles, I will work on a rocker.  They are scraped and sanded and ready to go.  Not what I had planned, but at least I will make progress.  Who would have thought that it would have taken an hour and a half to paint one rocker...and it's not quite finished.  I will need to wait until it dries, flip it over and do the underside.  And guess will need two coats...of course!  Let's see, two rockers and a porch swing, hmmm, well at least I can bring the rockers inside to paint if it gets too cold outside before I get them finished.
Well I would say that tomorrow is another day, however, the weatherman has predicted rain, rain, rain.  Next week look like it will be warm and dry after Tuesday.  Oh well, need to write instructions, always something to do.
According to the calendar, it's Monday, the paint has been exchanged for White and, even though it is raining, there is hope for sunshine tomorrow.  Probably a good thing...a big day at work & I am really tired!  Writing instructions has been a better occupation tonight.  A good night's rest & I will plan on pole painting tomorrow...hopefully...

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