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Super Film!


Super Film micron abrasive film is ultra fine and guaranteed to give you a professional smooth finish on any project. This sanding film is for using AFTER the final varnish coat has been applied (3 coats and is totally dry). I recommend cutting it into smaller pieces. This will give you more (hehe) plus a smaller piece is much easier to work with. It can be used wet or dry. I prefer using it wet as it seems to glide over the surface easier. Gently sand, you will see only a white-ish powder, NO color should be disturbed. Wipe clean and dry. Try the touch will be sooooo soft! Plus the sanding will lightly buff, creating a soft glow. This process only takes a minute and will step your project up to a higher level! You will be impressed at what a big difference this little process will make.

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  • Stefanie on

    This looks very promising! I have had the same ideas and aclualty built an implementation of this for a client, but without the automatic generation of the classes. I was aclualty checking out how to do this, but it seems that it is already done. Great work!In our code we have a Factory that delivers a hand-written class which is typesafe for the item’s template. Like:var item = TemplateFactory.GetTemplate(Sitecore.Context.Item);litTitle.Text = item.Title;Not too much work, but automatically generating these classes is wonderful.BTW. You forgot to mention how useful this is in databinding contexts:Cheers, Matthijs

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