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Getting ready for HOOT

Painting Techniques

Just working on some new projects for HOOT... It's been a lot this year, 22 new patterns and Songs of the Season 2 being released! We just got our first copies yesterday and I'm so excited to see it all printed! I think there's a little something for everyone in this book, including a fun little shout-out to our friends in the tropics :) I have been shooting some video too, and in the book there are five projects or so that have accompanying videos to demonstrate, in real time, how I got those effects. Yesterday we shipped out a lot of orders with the new books in them. We got the books a bit earlier than expected, so hopefully they'll be having fun with them this weekend! The videos can be found here: and are labeled according to which project in the book they go with. I'm still shooting them, but should be done here soon! In time for the show anyway. Did I mention that this year I get to do demo painting? Hooray! I'll finally get to talk to all of you that are coming instead of just ringing people up! So excited...

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