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Washy, washy...time for cleaning

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Yuck! If you are like me, I can find many reasons NOT to tackle Spring cleaning. However, cleaning your brushes is a whole different subject. I always think of it more like "taking care of" instead of cleaning". I relate taking care of brushes to taking care of your hair. Who would think of only washing their hair once in a while? Or only using conditioner every now and then? At least with your hair, you can go to the salon for some maintenance. Now think of your brushes: you use them often, scrub them regularly to get out paint, oops...leave them soaking in water overnight, or, oh my!, completely forget to wash them out! And we wonder why they lose their points and edges? Poor things... I think they deserve a little TLC. How about a little spa time for your brushes? A good brush cleaner will remove wet or dry paint and contains a conditioner that will help restore the bristles. Sadly enough, brushes do reach a point of no return. If you brushes have been neglected, do not expect miracles, even if you have the best brushes on the market. Keep in mind that wood and other non-smooth surfaces will take a toll on the bristles. If you paint on these rougher surfaces, do your brushes a favor and pamper them a little more than usual. Make sure to clean them well (paint likes to harbor down in the ferrule), use a brush cleaner with conditioner and always lay the brushes horizontal to dry. It's all the little touches that will help your brushes last longer. After all, we are only as good as our brushes!!

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