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Take your time.

Painting Techniques

I have been asked many times how I get my finished painted pieces so smooth. It is simple: take time!
  • Take time when preparing the surface.
  • Take time to repair any dings or dents and sand smooth.
  • Take time to seal surface wtih a great sealer. When dry, sand lightly and wipe clean.
  • Take time to make sure paint is smooth - no brush marks (thin paint with water if it's too thick)
  • Take time to paint several layers instead of one thick base.
  • Take time to let the paint dry between applications. (A hair dryer will help speed up drying time!)
  • Take time to add not one but several light top coat finishes
You will be sooooo thankful for the results when you take time!

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  • Abdulkadir on

    I love the Blue Bahamas colour and your motif looks amzinag on that pot! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!P.S It was a cherry branch my Husband and his Father were carryingSandy

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