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Well, not really...but hopefully these tips will divulge a few "pearls"! Pearl Luster Medium by Delta Ceramcoat is a unique, intriguing medium. Do you ever think something you just painted is a little flat or dull? Pearl Luster will provide a beautiful lusterous sheen that will create an expensive result. Just mix a little Pearl Luster with acrylic paint. A 50/50 mix is standard, but you will be able to achieve different sheens depending on the mix. It will mix with any color, but will lighten the color slighltly. This works great for a pearly highlight. Add some Pearl Luster to some metallics & watch them take on a new eye-catching finish. Thin Pearl Luster with some Acrylic Thinner or water to create a pearly wash to add a soft shimmer topcoat. Finish with several light coats of glossy varnish to enhance any project. Think of the pretty Christmas ornaments you can create! Or how about painting a variety of pearly Easter eggs. Add an expensive finish to earrings, bracelets, necklaces & pins. Watch a bouquet of flowers glow by adding a touch of Pearl Luster. Do you know any little girls that would love pearly lavender or pretty pink decorations in their rooms? How about adding some beautiful pink shimmery hearts on the wall! Hmmm...get those creative juices flowing...the ideas will be endless! Best of all...have fun!!

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