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Clean it up!

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Today's tip is a simple clean up idea. I purchased an inexpensive clear 18" x 24" plastic mat that is sold in kids crafts. We all want a place for the kids or grandkids to create that is worry free. Soooo...why not incorporate that same idea for our own work space. I purchased one for my painting space. It worked out so well that I purchased another one to 'expand" my painting area. (Why does our painting area shrink to a tiny space when we paint?) I had trouble with the seam sliding apart, so I just taped the back side of the mats with clear tape (I didn't want it to show). How nice, I just use a scrubby or Magic Eraser to wipe the mats clean. Painting in a messy area can be discouraging. Now I can clean in a jiffy & have a bright clear(and happy) surface to create! Another really good option would be the

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