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To seal or not to seal...

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There is no doubt whatsoever! Sealing is almost more important than any other step in the painting world. Would you sit down and paint for 10-12 hours, then just throw it away? Well, that might happen if you don't properly prepare your surface before painting. If you are working on wood, the grain will eventually raise thru (even after a year) and cause your beautiful varnished project to feel like someone sprinkled cornmeal on the surface. If you are working with metal, resin, or other surfaces, the paint may just scrape or peel with any minor bump. This is because the paint was applied to a smooth surface and has no tooth to adhere to. Sealer will provide a bond between the slick surface and the paint. So, why not take just the few minutes it takes to apply a coat of sealer and eliminate any future guessing. I don't like to take chances. If it's a project for me, I don't want to waste my time. If it is a gift, I don't want to be embarassed if the paint doesn't hold up. I like guaranteesI can get when it comes to painting. Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer has NEVER let me down. It goes on smooth, dries hard and creates a sandable seal. It works perfectly with DecoArt Americana Paint and the results are dependable and beautiful. Don't waste your time. This is one step that is well worth the effort. Happy Painting,  Chris

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