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How to Cut Basecoating Time in HALF


OK, I will admit that I was never sold on using a roller to basecoat. I thought it would be messy, use too much paint and take a long time to clean up the roller. However, I had a seminar to teach and many, many surfaces to prep. I decided to try out the roller...OMG...what a GREAT tool!! I had taught the same class and spent two days prepping the surfaces. When using the roller, it took one evening! And, I must say, the base was smoother, more even and used much less paint!! Also, using a mini roller applied the paint evenly and without brush stroke lines. The base was so smooth that I needed little if any sanding. I was shocked and reluctantly admitted that indeed it was a wonderful tool. So this old dog learned a new trick. We all need tools that will make us look better while taking less time and product. Best of all, these rollers are inexpensive! Happy Painting! Chris

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