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Crack me up... Part 2


Weathered Wood Crackle is what crackle is all about. If you want true cracks that look time worn...this is the medium you need. I have tried many crackle mediums, but Weathered Wood always works best. It has no time frame, which means, if I have to stop and go do something else...or even come back a week later...the crackle will work. No re-activating, no just works. And for me, that is sooooo important. Typical of most crackles, the thicker the application, the larger the cracks. You will be able to control size to some degree, however, has anyone ever seen true, aged paint with exact, identical size cracks? The variation in size will add interest and character to your piece. After all, if you are creating cracks, it isn't supposed to look perfect! Easy to use: Apply base color, next apply crackle medium, then top coat. When applying the top coat, the cracks will form following the direction of your brush strokes, so it is important to keep the brush strokes going the same direction. Cracks will start to form almost immediately. Once they start appearing, you will not be able to brush over that area or it will start to muddy up. For a final touch, after top coat is completely dry, you can tone down the paint with a wash of paint or stain of your choice. The combinations of base, top coat and wash are endless. Making this a fun and very versatile technique! Most of all...create & have fun!

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  • Donna on

    I can’t believe how busy you are, thugoh. You’re like UBER busy and you decide to tackle your kids’ rooms! You’re insane! I love ya thugoh.I just really wish I could do the SoCal Social. You are going to have so much fun!

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