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Is crackle finish a past trend? Absolutely not! Crackle used to be soley used to create a primitive look, however, today crackle can tren-dy! If you watch the Home & Garden channel, texture is what it's all about. Instead of covering the entire surface with cracks, how about featuring part of the design with a crackle texture. For example, if you are painting a Victorian theme, what about using some crackle on a heart for a hint of vintage. If you are painting a snowman winter scene, how about using crackle on just the snowman! Use crackle to create wood planks, log cabins, birdhouse roofs, sleds, toyboxes... give it some thought...the list can go on & on. And how do you use crackle? Well, the instructions on the label are excellant, but in a nutshell, it's really easy. Simply base whatever color you want the cracks to be. When the base is dry, coat area to be crackled with the Crackle medium. FYI the thicker the medium is applied, the bigger the cracks will become. Don't try to create perfect cracks. The results will be much more interesting (and artistic) if the cracks vary in size. Finally, brush on a top coat in even smooth strokes. Cracks tend to run the same direction as the brush strokes. The cracks will start to appear almost immediately. Don't try to paint over or touch up once the cracks start to form. The paint will only muddy & create messy splotches. Relax & let the medium do its thing. After it is completely dry, you can tone down the cracks with a light wash of stain. How easy is that...almost instant cracks. The hardest part is patiently waiting for the layers to dry. (Pssst...a hair dryer will expedite this step...just make sure it's not too hot or it may scortch the paint). Sooo...try something new...or old(?) and create exciting projects that will evoke the WOW factor! Best of all...have fun!!

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