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Decorating Paste is a wonderful medium that will create unique and clever dimension. I love to add that special touch that will result in an "Ohhh" or "Awww" or even a chuckle. Decorating Paste is a versitile choice that will give you lots of options. Decorating Paste will take a little while to dry. Obviously, the bigger and thicker touches will take longer to dry. I like to let it dry overnight, just to make sure it is completely dry. Decorating Paste is white, however, when it dries, you can paint it any color you wish! It also dries sort of flexible. I tried some other products and found they dried hard and brittle. We all want our projects durable, especially if they are intended for little fingers. How disappointing if these special touches break off! Another great characteristic of Decorating Paste is that it is water based and non toxic...which can use any of your kitchen tools to create texture and detail. Cake decorating tips are perfect for adding little touches. The small round tip makes awesome snowmen noses and even monster ball teeth!! If you have a knack for using these tips...the sky is the limit. If you don't have cake decorating tips and want to create noses, teeth, lettering or piping, make your own by simply cutting a tiny hole in the corner of a freezer bag. Fill with Decorating Paste and you are ready to begin! You can also try adding dimension by using a stencil. Use a palette knife to "spread" the paste over the stencil. Carefully lift the stencil up and let it dry. You can easily repeat a design. If you apply Decorative Paste directly on your surface, it will dry securely in place. No more need to make tiny noses or teeth and try to glue them in place! However, if you do want to make them separate, simply create them on a piece of wax paper and they can easily be removed. How versatile!! Sooo, now you have another medium to get those creative juices flowing!

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