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Little spiders are tooo cute and soooo easy to make! All you need is a bead, wire and wire cutters (I use needle nose pliers). For the body, select a wooden bead of preferred size. The bigger the bead...the bigger the spider. First, I paint the bead Soft Black and add eyes. I like lime green eyes, but have used purple and white. If your bead is large enough, you can add a little shading for extra umph. Eyebrows also will add a lots of personality! Next, cut 4 pieces of wire for the legs. I usually cut the wire much longer than needed. It is easier to snip the legs shorter than to have to re-do because they are too short. Slip all 4 pieces thru the bead hole. Secure by generously squirting clear drying glue in both ends of the bead hole. Let the glue dry overnight so the glue will be thoroughly dry and hard. I use the needle nose pliers to bend the legs down at the knees and also out at the ankles. Cut off any excess wire. After the joints have been formed, you can spread apart the legs to create the spider. Finish with spray varnish (my favorite is DecoArt Matte Spray Finisher, Sealer) It works great on any surface, so you can seal the wire legs and body with the same product. Now your spider is finished. It's that simple...and you won't believe all the fun comments!

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