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Easy, no-fuss snow...

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If you want perfect snowdrifts without all the fussing, try this easy approach! Base the snow area in the color you would select for the shading (such as Deep Midnight, Winter Blue, or even Cashmere Beige, Shale Green or how about Antique Rose?) To create the snow drifts, load the toe of the angle brush with snow color (Cool White, Warm White, Bleached Sand, Light Buttermilk, etc...) and float the tops of the snow drifts. As the color blends out, it will result in perfectly shaded and highlighted snow drifts! It's that simple!! Add some sparkle or texture with a little Glamour Dust or Glistening Snow along the tops of the drifts. Painting should be fun and enjoyable. Take the stress out of painting by eliminating frustration, time consuming work! Then sit back and sip a cup of tea while you enjoy looking at your winter wonderland! Happy Painting! Chris

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