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How to Paint on Paper Without Making a Mess!

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Did you ever try to paint on paper WITHOUT making a mistake? Kind of like trying to type a perfect paper on a manual typewriter. Just when you get to the bottom of the page ...oops...mistake! Aargghh! Same thing when trying to paint a "perfect" design on paper. My secret: sealer.  That's right, using an all purpose sealer works perfectly. However, you need to prep the paper patiently. First, lightly coat one side and let dry. Then repeat, coating the back side of the paper. When the paper dries, you may recoat if needed. You will find that this will make the paper surface perfect for painting. If you make a mistake, you can simply wipe it off!! The paper becomes tougher and will be more durable. It also will be sturdier and less likely to rip or curl. What can be cheaper than using paper as a fun, quick and easy embellishment, ornament, pin, gift tag or memento? Happy Painting! Chris

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