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Using a Rake Brush to Create Straw Effects

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Rake Brushes are awesome! They can create many strokes, textures and designs. One of my favorite is making straw for scarecrows and grasses. The perfect consistency of paint is very important for creating just the right strokes. Thin paint withwater, about 50%.  You want the paint to be inky, but not runny. Load paint on both sides of the brush. Bristles need to be saturated, but the tips still need to be visibly separated. Hold the brush at a 90 degree angle so the tips just touch the surface. Lightly press down and pull out to create long straw strokes. Repeat using various shades of straw colors. Rake brushes come in all sizes so you can easily make straw perfect for any fall project! Play, pratice and have fun! Happy Painting! Chris

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