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How to Paint Pinecones...the Easy Way!

Brushes Techniques

Pinecones always add a festive touch of winter to any holiday project. Pinecones are not as intimidating as they appear. I have discovered simple painting techniques to creating beautiful pinecones in a snap! The trick to perfect pinecones is using filbert brushes (like these). First, base an egg shape pinecone in a medium brown, using a larger filbert. Let the curve of the bristles do the work of painting the rounded edges...soooo easy! Load the tip of an appropriate size filbert with a light tan.

Using the tip, touch down and lightly press to create rows of cresent shapes in layers on the pinecones. When the paint is dry, shade dark brown along the bottom and up the side. Then highlight with a light tan float along the top and opposite side. To add some more sparkle, load the tip of the filbert with an off-white and lightly touch a few of the tips on the top of the pinecone. Waiting for the paint to dry will take longer than painting the's that simple!!! Add some pinecones and a few sprigs of greenery and berries (try the Berry Maker) to ornaments, gift tags, candlesticks, frames, Christmas and Northwoods decor. We all love those special hand painted gifts that show we care. But, with all the holiday preparations, the list just becomes a little ovrwhelming. So...instead of eliminating your cherished painted gifts, simply create ones that will take less time...only you will know. Happy Painting! Chris P.S. If you use colored ornaments, you won't even have to take time to basecoat, just let the color of the ornament be your base. P.P.S. Complete instructions, color palette, pattern and step-by-step are in Songs of the Season!

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