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Neck pain and back strain...

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I have been busy, busy, busy with new designs for magazine articles and the upcoming Society of Decorative Painters Convention in Wichita. I certainly give my neck and back a work-out leaning over my painting table. Neck and back stress are no trivial complaint and can cause serious discomfort. I have found a simple solution that works well for me. In addition to an adjustable chair and comfortable foot stool, I have a set of hand weights (2 pounds). Every so often I stand up, with weights in hand, and reach for the moon. Then I bend over and touch those toes. Repeat this a few times and your back and neck will be ever so grateful! This won't eliminate stress 100%, however, it will reduce tension and "knots" tremendously. Isn't it amazing how serious we become while concentrating over our wonderful rewarding hobby? Remember to relax, take a break and stretch. After all, with brush in hand, life is GOOD!

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  • Markelo on

    I would lovee to buy one of these!!! They look so adorable and very unqiue compared to the plain boring ones you see in stores – I’d much rather have one of your brush rolls on my dressing table! You’re so talented and I’m loving the packaging too!! How much would you be charging per brush roll?? xxx

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