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Hoppy Easter to all...

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Time to trade in the snowflakes and winter wonderlands for signs of Spring. We always get a renewed spirit and plan on cleaning out all the nooks and crannies with visions of organization and clutter free painting areas. When I was in college, one of my art professors stated that "if we aren't messy...we aren't good." Of all the things I should have stored in my life memory files, this is what I have treasured all these years. As a result, I have realized that creative people should not stress about creative piles. I have long given up on the illusion that my work space will be spotless and enviable, however, I do take advantage of all the tools available to make my creativity a little more productive. I use the brush carousel to store my brushes, pens, and tools so they are visible and always within reach. I keep a Cropper Hopper paint rack filled with my current project's paint (it holds up to 20 bottles). I have a small handy rubbermaid 3-drawer plastic cabinet to hold sandpaper, graphite paper, scissors, pens, etc... Take a look at all the things that can make your painting life easier. Don't strive to be perfect, just strive to keep the messes in organized piles. It will make your life easier and make painting more enjoyable! Remember: Don't spend your time cleaning, spend your time painting!

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