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Paint brushes for acrylic, oil and watercolor.
Bristle Brushes for Oils Angle Brushes
Great for those who want to get started in art--whether it's drawing or painting in oils or acrylics. Superb as gifts. Bristle Brushes have long handles for easel painting and firm textured natural bristle hairs to hold and maneuver paint and mediums with great control!
Angle Brushes for shading, details, flower petals, roses, basecoating irregular shapes, small areas.
Deerfoot Brushes Fan & Fandango Brushes
Deerfoot Brushes are for texturizing. Use with a dry brush and pouncing technique to create fur and foliage. Long fur can also be created by pulling on the side and using a light pouncing motion. Load with thinned paint for speckling.
Fan & Fandango Brushes are for creating soft, feathery textures for fur, foliage and light texture.
Filbert Brushes Flat & Shader Brushes
Filbert Brushes have a rounded shape to create soft edges; blend colors as on cheeks, fill in rounded areas; natural shape for many flower petals, leaves and feathers.
Flat Brushes can be used on flat or chisel edge. Sharp square shape creates crisp edges and offers precision control in tight areas.
Fountain Brushes Liner & Script Liner Brushes
Fountain brush hairs are made with a ring fashion with an open center.  The Fountain brush quickly stipples foliage; or you can use it for fur or hair.  It also paints grasses and floral filler.
Liner Brushes and Script Liner Brushes are used for curved or straight lines, strokework and detail work.
Rake Brushes Round Brushes
Rake Brushes are texturizing brushes with a naturally fingered shape. Use for quick cross-hatching, fur hair, grasses, wood graining, feathers and more.
Round Brushes create a huge variety of strokes depending on how much pressure is applied. Use for detail work or filling in large areas depending on the brush size used and pressure. Commonly used brush for strok work and borders in folk art.
Stencil Brushes Wash Brushes
Stencil Brushes are made with stiff, heavy bristles for tapping out paint evenly into stencils. Perfect for scumbling, creating textures and dabbing paint just where you want it.
Wash brushes are great for acrylic and watercolor for creating big, sweeping areas of color, soft backgrounds and basecoating.
Specialty Brushes & Tools American Painter Student Brushes
Specific functions and experimental new shapes make these brushes fun to try something different with painting.
An excellent value, the American Painter by Loew Cornell is a legend among artists from coast to coast. Starting with the finest blend of double-filament, dyed synthetic golden Taklon hair, each brush is made by hand to work flawlessly.
Black Gold Dynasty Brushes by FM Comfort Handle Brushes by Loew Cornell
Both our long and short handle brushes are hand crafted, kiln-dried for durability, and have "seamless" metal ferrules, to provide safe, long lasting beauty
Loew Cornell Comfort Handle Brushes have thick, hourglass contour handles to position the hand more comfortably, relieving stress on fingers and hands.
Golden Taklon Brushes by Loew Cornell
Golden Taklon Brushes by Loew Cornell
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#10 Flat Bristle Brush
#10 Flat Bristle Brush
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Paint brushes for acrylic, oil and watercolor.